DISCWORLD: The Movie - Casting CouchImagine with us, if you will...

The Great Pterry Pratchett has written a screenplay for a Discworld movie. He has submitted it to movie companies to be turned down a couple of times to find on the third time that the screenplay has been accepted. On the first page of the manuscript is the name of the movie: "                     : AKA Discworld - The Movie" (and Pterry thanks Bugarup University's own Silent Contemplator of Irrelevant Ideas for the title.)

On the second page is the cast that Pterry has in mind that would be perfect for the movie. The movie exec beams with excitement. All the crowd pleasers are in there and the stars that the public love to hate. The exec grabs Pterry's hand for a handshake and pumps it like a man dieing of thirst pumping the handle on water pump

Pterry leaves the office rubbing life back into his hand after the handshake and with a cheque in his pocket which carries on it a number with a fair few zeros on the end. On the street he sees the Bugarup University Faculty.

"Hold on to your wizard's hats people, we're Holy Wood bound!"

A cheer rises up from the from the group, along with beer and banged grains.

NB: Visiting some of the character profiles may contain spoilers for books unread. Proceed with caution. With the release of Fifth Elephant in paperback and The Truth in hardback November 2000 we are accepting all character suggestions and placing them on the site.

So rush out there and get Fifth Elephant or even The Truth, have a good read then send in your suggestions :-)

The Cast of DISCWORLD: The Movie
Principle Characters

Sergeant Angua Von Uberwald

The Librarian
The Bursar Magrat Garlick
Captain Carrot Ironfoundson Gytha (Nanny) Ogg
Sergeant Fred Colon Mustrum Ridcully
CMOT Dibbler Rincewind the Wizzard
Corporal CW St J "Nobby" Nobbs Ponder Stibbons
The Dean Twoflower
Detritus Lord Havelock Vetinari
Esmerelda (Granny) Weatherwax Sir Samuel Vimes
and of course DEATH

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Other Assorted Characters | Good Omens Character Page

Please note this is just a suggestions page. The Discworld Movie Casting Couch site in in no way affiliated with any production company or movie studio.


  • 5 Nov - Paul Kidby actor suggestions now appear on characters pages.
  • 12 Dec - Extensive updates of all characters.
  • 14 Jan - More updates and Good Omens character page now avaiable
  • 20 Feb - Susan character suggestions now available and Fifth Elephant characters now available on the Other Characters page.
  • 3 April - The Casting Couch banner is now available for your linking pleasure.
  • 9 Sept - Big updates of all Discworld main characters, other characters and Good Omens characters
  • 9 Oct - All the Discworld and Good Omens Casting Couch pages will be updated monthy to coinside with the Bugarup University Newsletter for Students (aka The BUNS) being released to the world.
  • 13 Mar - Discworld Movie book poll is up and ready for votes.


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