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Welcome to Bugarup University, XXXX

This club/mailing list was started from an advertisement in an issue of Discworld Monthly. The poor person (whose name only momentarily escapes my memory) who actually did the advertisment was inundated with responses...well alright probably four but still it was a good start. And so a small group of Aussie Pratchett/Discworld Fans was born.

Before long more people heard about our little group and decided to join. We've been advertised in Discworld Monthly, WOSSNAME and of course by word-of-email.

Soon we had many people joining the burgeoning club. We had the best wishes from Joe (who helps run N.A.D.S in the States) who joined the mailing list and when he emailed the great Pterry he got a reply in which Pterry beamed incredibly albeit by email about the club.

We started out as a small group of Aussies or Ecksians and now spread world wide with people as far a field as South America, England, and the United States. All of these chaps and chapettes are honorary Ecksians in the eyes of the Guild.

Join today and become part of the fun and sometimes odd, alright, always odd members of the Guild.

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  • Chat with us! Come and visit us in the all new Uncommon Room for chat type activities.

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