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Discworld Books Cover Art
The Chair in Somnolent Chrestomathy, aka Takahe Notornis, has compiled this comprehensive collection of chrestomathic cunning, For the uninitiated, this is known as the Discworld Quotes section. Takahe can be relied upon to provide the correct quote when provided with little more than "What's that quote, the bit where there's two of them, I think it was Granny and someone, or maybe the Bursar, and they say something about magic? I can't remember which book". "Don't Mess With the Chrestomather" stickers are available from the University shop.
Faculty of Technomancy
The Bugarup University Faculty of Technomancy (previously the Faculty With Hex In) is XXXXian leader in Hex development. Our highly trained and caffeine enhanced academic staff provide training in the Technomantic arts that is second only to that of the High Energy Magic building in the great Unseen University, Ankh-Morpork. The BU FoT has also been at the forefront of exciting new technomantic developments, such as bee-mail and the Anternet. Our meals are of the highest standard and our courses are recognised by very few people anywhere in the disc.
Rogues Gallery
This is the Human Resources department of Bugarup University, managed by BU's own Confusing Manifestation. Bio's of many of the staff and students can be found here, along with a picture of them if they have bothered to send one in. Go here to get a bit of background on the nefarious characters you might meet around the place.
The Library
Home of the Libwolf, BU's polymorphous librarian. Far more interested in starting fireball fights than the intimacies of the Dewey Decimal system, nonetheless he has taken time out from his reign of terror to put together this collection of fanfics by himself and others, as well as a few other resources.
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  • Guide to our Anthem
  • Last Continent Help
  • Guide to XXXX Wildlife

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