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You can join simply by sticking your email address in the handy box just here, Alternatively, you can go to Yahoogroups and do all the proper signing up and whatnot, which gives you access to the BU mail archives, member only features like uploading and sharing pictures and stuff like that.
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If you're going to discuss a Pratchett book in any detail (well, it could happen!), especially new ones, leave spoiler space for the benefit of those who haven't read it. Generally speaking though, posting on topic is rare and sometimes frowned upon

No chain mail, especially those stupid things where Bill Gates personally sent your friend's friend a message promising you and everyone you know ten million dollars each if you send a thousand copies to people you hardly know.

No gratuitous swearing unless you really feel like it.

Other than that, a bit of common sense and good manners and we'll all get on.

If you feel the desire to wander around in a bikini, for the comfort of others please feel free to tip a bucket of ice down the Faculty member's robes. That usually cools them down.

If you're a guy, please don't wear a bikini except in the privacy of your own home. It only confuses the Faculty, and then we need to use the fire-hoses.

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