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Welcome To the Bugarup University Student Guild

I'm Robin, I have the dubious honor of being the Archchancellor. The Dean has asked me to say a few words on behalf of the Faculty and...er...you students so here goes...
I am the first among equals, With that said I am only a figure head so people have something to aim their assassination attempts at, Ho............. My wife made me put this bit in, As she thinks someone out there may get carried away and try for real.

Virtual assassination attempts are just a bit of fun, To see who can come up with a original idea for a assassination attempt and to see if I can come up with a solution to escape the attempt, So please make my wife happy and don't try to do me in for real OK !. She hates having to catch the bus in the mornings!

We all here at BUSG are in to Terry Pratchett and his DiscWorld in a big way,

We love it so much, a bunch of us Aussie's decided to start a E-mail fan club which this web site is devoted to. It's no work of art and it does have a banner come up when you Come here, but since all the work on it is done on a volunteer basis I don't think you will mind. What do we talk about?. Anything and everything about Terry Pratchett and his DiscWorld and anything that you feel is also relevant, We don't mind talking about things other than Terry Pratchett, As long as they have a related topic or humor!. That covers a lot and we would be honored if you would become a Student of Bugarup University, You can join the fun by joining the list-bot.

If you do not wish to join the fun that's OK too, we are just glad you popped in to visit and wish you the best as you leave (Just don't ask best of what? though, O.K.?!).

We ask nothing of you but to be friendly to all and to have fun in the spirit and style of Terry Pratchett.

Goodness me that makes it sound as if he is dead! Which he is not but I'm sure you know what I mean, To those of you who do join the list- bot, Don't be strangers and drop a line to introduce yourself to everyone.

Well I've babbled on long enough so I will close by saying - Stay frosty good people and keep up the good work.........Your all doing very well !

The Archchancellor of BU Robin.

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